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The Suffolk Medieval Graffiti Survey is entirely undertaken by volunteers. Although a few of the volunteers have a background in archaeology or history the vast majority are simply individuals with a passion for exploring the past and a willingness to dedicate a few hours to exploring Suffolk’s amazing collection of churches. Our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and cover a wide age range, but have in common an interest in reading the writing on the walls

All new volunteers are asked to undertake a short training session in the survey techniques and paperwork associated with the project. In most cases these training sessions last only a couple of hours. Whilst some of the volunteers prefer to undertake surveys alone many of them join small localised groups, who meet up to undertake surveys together. For certain groups the survey is as much about socialising and learning alongside like-minded people as it is about carrying out the survey itself. Upon occasion larger groups of volunteers gather together to undertake large scale surveys, such as that at Norwich cathedral, giving everyone a chance to share experiences and learn new skills.

The SMGS always welcomes new volunteers to the group and positively encourages people to come along and see the work in progress. If you are interested in joining us please check the twitter feed on the Home-Page for details of open day events. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly.

Email: info@medieval-graffiti-suffolk.co.uk